Stickam player experiment

I’m going to try to include the new Stickam media player on my blog.


Cool things from tonight’s reading

Without much description, here are some links to things worth your time to read and think about:

Jason Powell on Google’s 20% time

Fellowship Tech on Why to buy their product

Cultural Exegesis

What’s in your pocket?

Northwoods Communication Values

Here’s a PDF of my draft communication value statements. Again, thanks to Granger! (Well, I can’t figure out yet how to upload documents. I’ll get it.)

Building the foundation for a solid communication strategy

So I’ve been working on some foundational documents on which we can build an effective and focused strategy for communicating better around Northwoods. I’m concentrating my efforts right now on the areas that will be primary responsibilities of the Communication Team. Many thanks to Kem Meyer for helping me see clearly how to pursuing excellence in these things means, most of all, knowing to what we can say “No.”

Here we go again!

This will be my second attempt at blogging. It’s an exciting time in ministry for me, and I want to keep a record of the peaks and valleys. Stay tuned and walk with me as Northwoods ventures through the intersection communication and technology. We’re moving forward with web development partner Aspire!One and looking seriously at FellowshipOne, while at the same time creating systems and practices to improve the way we help people find their way closer to Jesus.